At St Mary Abbots, we believe that the purpose of homework is to build on and embed the core skills that children learn throughout their day at school.

In addition, we believe that homework develops children’s time management skills and independent study habits.

This is why our approach to homework is to ensure that children can complete it as independently as possible.

We also put a greater emphasis on the core skills and a creative element, through open-ended projects linked to topics.

We encourage children to spend more time at home reading and taking part in physical activities to aid their personal, social and emotional development.

Our weekly homework is set on a Monday and is due back on Friday.

The tasks include:

  • spellings (phonics pattern in KS1 and EYFS)
  • reading linked to the skill currently being taught in class
  • mental maths and times tables
  • handwriting
  • half-termly project linked to class topic (Art/DT, creative writing, research presentations etc.)

Please click on the tabs below to view homework examples.

Reception homework
Year 1 homework
Year 2 homework
Year 3 homework
Year 4 homework
Year 5 homework
Year 6 homework