Admission Arrangements

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Welcome to Admissions

Welcome to St Mary Abbots School admissions. We very much hope you will join our school community. For more information about the school please see the Headteacher’s welcome on the school website home page.

The School Location

St Mary Abbots School (SMA) is situated behind Kensington High Street and next to St Mary Abbots Church. SMA is one of the best located primary schools in London. It is near to many main tube and bus routes – and close to the open spaces of Kensington Gardens, Holland Park and Hyde Park.

The Application Process

There are full details about the admissions process in the 2024 SMA Admissions Policy below. But here is a quick overview – the two main categories are:

  • Foundation Places –  for those families that regularly attend a Christian church
  • Open Places – for those families who practise faiths other than Christianity or who proclaim no religious faith

The RBKC Online Application Process

All applicants need to apply via the RBKC online application process.

In addition, Foundation Place applicants need to fill in the SMA School ‘Supplementary Information Form’ and the ‘Clergy Form’ (there are copies of these 2 forms below).

Please put St Mary Abbots first on the RBKC Online Application Form

We recommend that you put SMA as your first choice of School on the RBKC online application form. In 2023, all Foundation Place applicants that put SMA at number 1 (and met the admissions criteria in the SMA policy) were offered a place in our Reception Class.

Note about the number of Open Places

If, after places have been awarded as described in the Admissions Policy below, there are any vacant Reception Class places remaining, then these become Open Places. In 2023, 43% of the Reception Class places were Open Places – with 13 children joining the class in September 2023 as Open Place applicants.

So we recommend that all Open Place applicants put SMA as their first choice of school on the RBKC online application form.

The School is not oversubscribed – there are places available

During lockdown, with the facility to work from home, a lot of families left Inner London. So in Inner London there are now more primary school places available than there are
pupils to fill them.

SMA used to be oversubscribed before lockdown – but that is no longer the case. We now have places available in most year groups at the school – so we encourage you to apply to SMA.

In Year Places

For the availability of any in year places, please contact the school office:

Tour Dates

We would be delighted to show you our school and demonstrate all the benefits of your child attending SMA. We have tours of the school each week. Please contact the school office to book a
place on the next tour: or telephone: 020 7937 0740.

We hope you will choose SMA as your preferred school. We look forward to seeing you soon. Many thanks.


Reception Admissions from September 2024
Determined Admission Arrangements Notice 2025-26

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